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                Interested in learning the skills of writing short stories?


Agatha Christie once said that a short story was "something that can be read in an hour and remembered for a lifetime." However, good short stories don't just emerge by luck. Rather, they require a comprehensive, logical writing method that takes you from start to finish; that's exactly what this course is designed to do, enabling you to turn your creative ideas into short stories, either for pleasure or profit.

Short stories are one of the most well-liked forms of fiction. Many magazines depend on them to fill their allocated fiction pages, and paperback publishers find anthologies of short stories are popular sellers. So, short stories can become a rewarding form of writing, both financially and creatively.

With the help of Lifestyle Learning Direct’s Short Story Writing specialist course, you learn how to develop plots, build suspense and maintain interest, the techniques of relating characters to their allotted situations, as well as using elements of sympathy and empathy to create characters your readers will identify with.

The Course Synopsis:

PLOT PLANNING - Introduction; incident or short story; correct manuscript presentation; formulating main plot; beginning, build-up and ending or climax; laying story’s foundations; basic plot plan formula; emotion; theme; main character’s purpose; dramatic high spot; analysing published work; writing discipline; story length; tightening prose; first draft; pruning; adding final touches; example of plot analysis.

WRITING EFFECTIVE STORIES - Story structure; writing style; functions of dialogue; writing style; defining characters through speech; dialogue and personality; dialect; jargon; slang/obscenities; include “white space”; the apostrophe; dialogue technicalities; laying out; indenting; quotation marks; punctuation; basic plot structure; the beginning – physical descriptions, introducing characters; the build-up – weave story towards climax; sub-plots; revealing mood and atmosphere; using dialogue for transition; the Black Spot; the ending.

ESSENTIAL FICTION KNOW-HOW - Grades of short story markets; pulps and glossies; writer’s block; stock plot plan; the first draft; main theme; individual personalities; setting and climax; introducing main character; establishing the scene; descriptive prose; “purple prose”; introducing other characters; establishing relationships; setting the mood; dialogue and writing style; third-person viewpoint; punctuation in dialogue; “he said, she said”; action and introspection; multi speakers; unnecessary adverbs; dialogue style; rhythm and cadence.

THE WAY TO CHARACTERISE - Characterisation; physical appearance; long or short descriptions?; clothing; names; habits, speech and mannerisms; personality; non-physical features; making characters real, weaknesses and foibles; minor characters; consistency; sympathetic characters; main character and the climax; portraying emotions and traits; characterising the hero and heroine; the villain (villainess); summary of characterisation.

SELLING SHORT STORIES - Re-cap – what is a short story?; structure and theme; time span; setting; characters; dialogue; plot; marketing saleable work; taboos; the long, short story or the mini-book; pseudonyms; preliminary letter; writing the synopsis; romantic fiction; the Western; sci-fi; the detective story; false trails; sub-plots and interplay; revision checklist; punctuation (commas, colons, semi-colons, dashes, hyphens and apostrophes); editing; manuscript presentation; join a story group; 5 final writing tips.

Even though you are studying at a time and place convenient for you, you still benefit from expert guidance and tuition. Your tutor for this course is a published writer who will provide valuable feedback on each assessment you submit.

All courses offered on the Lifestyle Learning Direct website have been written by industry experts and are regularly updated to ensure that the information is accurate and relevant. 

Don’t worry if you have never studied before, all the lessons are set out in easy to understand language taking you step by step through the course. If you need additional assistance simply contact Student Services and help will never be far away.

With online training you have the advantage of being able to study anywhere that you have access to a computer and the internet. All of the lessons are available on the website for you to view as you need them, or you can save them to your computer and print them so you can take them with you where ever you go.

Once you are comfortable that you understand everything contained in the lesson, simply complete your assessment and upload it to the website for your tutor to mark. Once your tutor has marked your assessment you will receive an email notifying you that your marked assessment is ready for collection from the website.

This course is also available by correspondence - click here for more details.

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